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Career Resource Manual

The Career Resource Manual is one of our most popular resources for students during their internship & job search. Each year our Coordinators review and edit the manual to make sure the most asked questions are addressed as well as information addressing currents trends is included.

The Career Resource Manual is available in here as a PDF. We also offer printed copies of the manual at South Hall.

2013-2014 Career Resource Manual cover pdf Entire Guide (52 pages)
pdf Table of Content (1 page)
pdf Explore the ICC Website (1 page)
pdf 4-Year Plan of Career Development (1 page)
pdf Career Planning: A Lifelong Process (2 pages)
pdf Ready to Launch a Job Search (1 page)
pdf Informational Interviews (1 page)
pdf How to Research Employers and Jobs (2 pages)
pdf Job Search Strategies (1 page)
pdf Networking: the Number One Job Search Strategy (1 page)
pdf Social Media and Your Career (1 page)
pdf How to Prepare for the Fair (1 page)
pdf Transferable Skills (1 page)
pdf About Resumes (2 pages)
pdf Verb List for Resume and Letters (1 page)
pdf Sample Resumes (9 pages)
pdf Online Resumes (1 page)
pdf Advanced Degree and C.V.s (8 pages)
pdf Cover Letters and Other Correspondence (5 pages)
pdf Creating an Employment Reference List (1 page)
pdf Interviewing (5 pages)
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